Living Portraits

Hope Hopfulwitz

Senor Apprehension
 Dudley Doubt

Forgotten Location Design

I literally forgot about this.


I have been very busy of late with work, and a new project. I can't go into great detail about that now, but I can share this. Expect something, colourful, crass, funny, bilingual, and very very very gay. 

We'll call this a teaser cover.

The 120 Train keeps on rolling...

So I got my hands on an old Minolta Autocord recently. This is the second roll I shot, tmax 100. I'm liking this camera.


I went through a big life change recently. I moved to a new city and during the whole process of finding a new place to live and the uncertainty of the situation I found it hard to draw. So instead I went with where my hand was leading me, instead of sitting down with an idea. This is where it took me. 

MOT - con't

Just got back from Montreal. The first few are expired Lomo 100 cross processed as slide film. The rest are Fuji Provia 100 and finally Lomo's luscious redscale 200 (also expired and shot in Ottawa). As with this whole experiment this summer, I'm trying out things and literally just trying to see what works and what doesn't. The Lomo 100 stuff got a bit washed out in the tank so I had to darken them a lot when I scanned them in, so you'll see the little dots from the film indicator (personally I kinda like it).

La Croix, and Downtown Montreal

Mile End, Montreal

Roof top at Mont Royal et St. Laurent, Montreal

Ontario St., Montreal

Architecture Museum, Montreal

Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal

 Beaudry Station and St. Catherine (The Village), Montreal

Plateau and Lachine Canal, Monteal

Le Breton Flats, Ottawa

Gloucester St, Ottawa

And well, of course.